Competitive Soccer

As Palm Beach Soccer Academy, PBSA now has more opportunities for player development, national and international exposure for players, college recruiting and overall growth of the player! We are proud to be Palm Beach Soccer Academy.

Palm Beach Soccer Academy Development Philosophy

Or, more importantly, how will we develop your child? We believe this is a pretty big question, that rarely is answered. You may be told about a coach's resume, or the importance of certain leagues but does the club have a long term plan for the players within its care?

PBSA is a club. We believe that carries some importance. A club means a group of people with shared values and traits. A club has an identity. A club sticks together. A club is on the same page.

We do not believe Team A should be unrecognizable to Team B. We do not believe a player should have to relearn the game from year to year. We do not believe coaches should coach the same team from cradle to grave.

We Feel that youth soccer should be about something more than gaining results so you can win the annual recruiting war.

This is how we structure our training environment. There are many other ways and we do not claim to have a full proof player development philosophy as a club. But, we do claim to have one...

Learning Academy

The Palm Beach Soccer Academy Learning Academy is for boys and girls ages 6-12.

Players and parents who want professional level training but don't want the commitment of travel soccer quite yet. There are no parent coaches with this training.

Players will learn proper techniques, rules and tactics from fully licensed coaching staff. There will be the opportunity to play friendly games and possibly local tournaments.

The goal is for these players to move up to our Competitive Level teams when they have the proper skill set, confidence level and parental commitment levels.

The training is two nights per week and the fee is less than the Competitive Program fee.

For more information please contact Gary Walker at [email protected]

2019 Tony Adams and Gary Bailey Soccer Camp

Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Each year PBSA hosts and summer camp at the Benjamin School for players ages 6-16.

The 3rd Annual Tony Adams & Gary Bailey Summer Camp will be held in July 2020.

Summer Futsal

Each year PBSA hosts and manages Summer Futsal at the Palm Beach Gardens Recreational Center - 4404 Burns Road, Palm Beach Gardens.

The program is 2 nights per week and runs from Mid-June to Early-August. The sessions are co-ed and there is a nominal fee to participate.

Summer 2020 information will be added as soon as dates and times are available.