PALM BEACH SOCCER ACADEMY (PBSA) is pleased to announce our new partnership with ASM scholarships. PBSA’s mission statement is to provide a fun, learning, and professional environment for youth players who want to excel in the sport of soccer, alongside with their academic’s achievements. We believe this is a strong foundation for prospective athletes to achieve their goals in life. With our new ASM partnership this will allow prospective athletes to achieve their goals beyond graduation from PBSA with a focus on preparing athletes to continue their playing careers at the collegiate level and beyond.


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Sports Recruits

College Recruiting Seminar Night hosted by PBSA Nomads Leadership!

Former Nomads Players (Alumni)

PBSA was founded in 1996, with a sole purpose to provide a professional, fun, learning, environment for youth.

These are just a very few of the players who have come through our academy, and have gone onto play at various college and professionally.

Graduated Players from Palm Beach Soccer Academy (PBSA):

  • Ryan Morrisey, Yale, Connecticut. 2000. D1
  • Tracey Cochran, Univ of Miami, Florida 2002.D1
  • Courtney Murphy, Nova Univ, Florida, 2002.D2
  • Missy McConnahay, Flagler College, Florida, 2002.D2
  • Maggie Smith, Boston College, Mass. 2002. D1
  • Jodie Bronstein, Univ of Miami, Florida, 2003.D1
  • Katie Cochran, Arizona State, Az, 2003.D1
  • Meghan Towne, Nova Univ, Florida, 2003.D2
  • Mandy Cochran, Univ of Kentucky, KY, 2003.D1
  • Robert Goossens, Flagler College, Florida 2004.D2
  • Pat Gritz, Univ of N. Florida, Florida 2004. D2
  • Nick Rodgers, Univ of N, Florida, Florida 2004. D2
  • Danny May, Univ of N. Florida, 2004.D2
  • Raul, Stetson Univ, Florida, 2004. D2
  • Danny Vedder, Darton College, GA, 2004. NAIA
  • Scott Howell, Barry Univ, Florida, 2004. D2
  • Laura Guild, Rollins College, Florida. 2004.D2
  • Austin Liecaskit Vassar, NY. 2004.D3
  • Jay Breig, Mobile Univ, AL. 2004,D2
  • David Berieus, Northeastern, IllInois.2004. D1
  • Maddy Wagner, FAU, Florida, 2004.D2
  • Melissa Ortiz, Lynn Univ, Florida 2005, * Currently plays on Colombia Women’s National Team.
  • Jeff Michaud, Miami F.C. USL, (Professional) 2008
  • Christian Ortiz, Palm Beach Atlantic, Florida. 2014. D2
  • Naomi Kaslow, Nova Univ, Florida, 2014, D2
  • Sabby Jarocz, Palm Beach Atlantic, Florida. 2014, D2
  • Amin Malouf, Kaiser Univ, Florida, 2015,NAIA
  • Crispin Walker, Lynn University, Florida, 2015. D2
  • Payton Doran, NY, 2015.D2
  • Blake Packer, FAU 2015.D2
  • Alec McKinley, Tampa Rowdies, USL (Professional) 2018, Chattooga USL D1 2020
  • Callan Walker, Univ of Tampa, Florida, 2018. D2
  • Kate Bonnoront, Mercer. D1 2020
  • Robenson Saintil, New England College. 2020 D3
  • Sophia Fevola, Eastern Nazarene College 2020 D3
  • Niko Hammalaien, Queen Park Rangers, Championship League, 2014 England, Kilmarnock FC 2020, Scotland
  • Madison Brown, Middle Tennessee State, 2020. D1
  • Maddie Black, St Olaf. 2021 D3