Safety & Covid Protocol


The City of Palm Beach Gardens and the Palm Beach Soccer Academy have worked hard to provide a safe and fun format to host the annual Palm Beach Cup, Friday, May 7 – Sunday, May 9, 2021. This event will include 150 teams.

The following information details the tournament’s safety plan and protocols. These protocols will be issued to all teams, club members, staff, and volunteers. They do not replace or supersede any protocols or restrictions outlined by state or local authorities.

YOU MUST STAY HOME IF… (for parents, players, and coaches) you or a member of your team may have COVID-19; you had exposure to someone with COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to the tournament; you or anyone in your household is caring for someone with COVID-19; or you are at high risk to catch COVID-19 based on the published Centers for Disease Control list.

The tournament will be held at various park facilities and all rules will be enforced at each location:

• Gardens District Park

• Joe Russo Park

• PGA National Park

• Mirasol Park


• All parents/guardians are required to sign the Palm Beach Cup COVID-19 Acknowledgement and Waiver on behalf of the player participant.

• 1 spectator per player will be allowed at the event.

• Team spectators will be allowed in a designated viewing space on the opposite side of the field from the players.

• No spectator interaction is allowed with players, coaches, or referees while on the playing field or in designated viewing areas.

• Spectators must always wear face masks at all tournament locations.

• Social distancing 6-feet apart is required with no gathering of parents. COACHES AND PLAYERS

• All coaches are required to sign the Palm Beach CUP COVID-19 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND WAIVER.

• Coaches must always wear face masks.

• Coaches must respect and practice social distancing.

• Coaches must sanitize all balls and equipment prior to the game.

• Benches will not be provided. Player and coaches are encouraged to bring their own seating.

No high-fives, handshakes, knuckles, or group celebrations.

No grouping of players before the game, after warm-up, or during games.

• Teams must leave the soccer fields immediately after game.


Prior to participation, technical staff, referee assignors, and coaches must obtain confirmation from each player, coach, and official that:

• They are not experiencing any of the symptoms related to COVID-19.

• They have not had contact with anyone who has had a confirmed COVID-19 case in the last 14 days.

• They are not restricted from participating by a healthcare professional.

• They do not have a temperature greater than 100.4° F.

A representative from each team (i.e., head coach or team manager) must confirm with the opposing team that all participating players and staff have met the above requirements.

All referees must confirm individually with both team representatives that all referees have met the above requirements.

Any individual who is unable to confirm these criteria must be restricted from participating.


• Team check in will only be available online.

• Trophy and medal presentations will be limited. All player medals and the team trophy will be handed to the team coach only. There will be no group presentation.

• Site Directors will handle all paperwork and will wear face masks.

• Games start times will be spaced to allow more time between games and more time for players and teams to leave the field and the complex. This will significantly reduce the number of people at a complex at the same time.

• Games will be staggered on field space and will allot 40 minutes between scheduled start times of games.

• In addition to the 30-minute spacing of time between fields, PBSA is going to add into the spacing of games on each field two-hour time gaps for each hour and ten minutes game to allow for ample time for teams/spectators to leave the facility before another group arrives.

• All teams must sign the Palm Beach CUP COVID-19 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND WAIVER before being allowed to participate.

• Infection prevention supplies such as hand sanitizer and face masks will be available at all field facilities with the Site Directors.

• PBSA will supply at all field entrances and main areas, signs in Spanish and English listing COVID-19 protocols.

• PBSA will secure one off-duty police officer for every two locations being used for the entire duration of the scheduled games. If an additional officer for any specific location is needed, it will be added to reinforce the city requirements.

• The off-duty officers will support the enforcement of the protocols and city requirements.



• No referee should officiate a game if they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

• Wear a face mask while checking in with the site director and when leaving the field.

• Masks are optional when game is in progress.

• Confirm with coaches from each team that all participants have passed the health check prior to the game.

• Referees will use their own equipment.                          

• Referees will make sure to have at least 3 sanitized game balls available throughout the game.

• Referees do not enforce the protocols. Referees will note and report any non-compliance to the tournament management and site directors.


• Trainers will be onsite to aid with injuries.

• The trainer will have disposable masks at their area. Players being treated will be required to wear a mask.

• All athletic trainers are required to wear face masks.


• All staff and volunteers are required to sign the Palm Beach CUP COVID-19 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND WAIVER.

• No person should be onsite during the tournament if they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

• Must always wear a face mask while at the facility.

• Staff and volunteers will not enforce the protocols but will report any non-compliance to the tournament management or site directors.


• Vendors will be located at Gardens District Park, Joe Russo, PGA National Park and Mirasol Park.

• Food vendors will take the appropriate health and safety measures including the use of face masks and gloves.

• Non-food vendors will be required to wear face masks.