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May 6-8, 2016


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2016 Palm Beach Cup games completed

Exavier Banks of the Palm Beach Soccer Academy U13 team scores Friday against the Wellington Wave at Mirasol Park.

Exavier Banks of the Palm Beach Soccer Academy U13 team scores against the Wellington Wave Friday in Palm Beach Cup action at Mirasol Park.

Official Palm Beach Cup Mobile App

Remember to download the official Palm Beach Cup app for your iPhone or Android device. The official app for players, coaches and parents participating in the Palm Beach Cup youth soccer tournament. The app features maps to the fields, schedules, scores and standings, as well as information on places to stay, places to eat and fun things to do in the area.


Team registration check-in for the 2016 Palm Beach Cup is available at PGA National Resort & Spa (400 Avenue of the Champions, Palm Beach Gardens, FL.) Thursday, May 5 and Friday, May 6 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The check-in desk in the Oakmont Room is located down the hall to the right of the main lobby.

THERE WILL BE NO SATURDAY CHECK-IN. Please bring the following to team check-in:
1. 5 copies of your Official FYSA State Roster
2. Current Year, verified Player & Coach Passes in alphabetical order
3. Medical Release Forms for each player arranged in alphabetical order (Does not need to be notarized)
4. Emergency Contact Form
5. Completed FYSA Guest Player Forms. Guest player forms must be attached to the Roster and must be signed by the guest player’s Club Registrar.

Tournament Field Locations

PGA Park: 350 Hiatt Drive, Palm Beach Gardens                                            (Click here for map.) (Field # Layout)

Mirasol Park: 12649 Ibiza Drive, Palm Beach Gardens                                (Click here for map.) (Field # Layout)

Lake Catherine Park: 9481 Mac Arthur Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens     (Click here for map.)

Gardens Park: 4301 Burns Road, Palm Beach Gardens                                (Click here for map.) (Field # Layout)

Lilac Park: 4175 Lilac St., Palm Beach Gardens                                                  (Click here for map.) (Field # Layout)

Lynn University: 3601 N. Military Trail, Boca Raton                                        (Click here for map.)


 9th Annual Palm Beach Cup Rules – 2016

1. Team Eligibility: This tournament is open to all USSF affiliated teams comprised of properly registered youth players (as defined by the rules of their “National Organization”) in all age groups U8 through U18 both boys and girls as indicated on tournament approval form, provided that such team is in good standing with its state youth association.

National Organization teams will be certified by their state association by this definition based on the USYSA Application to Host Tournaments, Cups, and Games as a Club Team which is “a travel or competitive team composed of players who are listed on the team’s roster of league play and which includes guest players from one or more Club teams.”

U18, U17, U16, U15, U14, U13 teams will play 11 players on the field with a maximum of 18 players on the roster, with a maximum of 5 Guest players.  U12 and U11 teams will play 8 players on the field with a maximum of 14 players on the roster with a maximum of 4 Guest players.  U10 and U9 teams will play 6 players on the field with a maximum of 12 players on the roster with a maximum of 3 Guest players. U8 teams will play 4 players on the field with a max of 8 players on the roster, with a maximum of 3 Guest players. (U12 Teams playing 11v11 will play 11 players on the field with a maximum of 18 players on the roster with a maximum of 5 Guest players.)

It shall be the responsibility of the National Organization or the appropriate official designated by each National Organization to certify the eligibility of the competing teams and to provide such teams with a state generated roster, permission to travel and proof of insurance.

2. Player Eligibility: National Organization players must be legally registered to their teams in accordance with National Organization registration requirements. National Organization player passes must be  current and valid, indicating player name, National Organization registration number and date of birth (birth certificate certified), and with a current photo I.D. NO REGISTERED OR GUEST PLAYER CAN PLAY WITHOUT A VERIFIED PLAYER PASS. The age classifications are as follows:

Age Division

Eligible Birthdates

Age Division

Eligible Birthdates


08-01-07 thru 07-31-08


08-01-01 thru 07-31-02


08-01-06 thru 07-31-07


08-01-00 thru 07-31-01


08-01-05 thru 07-31-06


08-01-99 thru 07-31-00


08-01-04 thru 07-31-05


08-01-98 thru 07-31-99


08-01-03 thru 07-31-04


08-01-97 thru 07-31-98


08-01-02 thru 07-31-03


08-01-96 thru 07-31-97


3. Game Schedule: Teams will be assigned to groups based on information provided on their tournament entry applications and up-to-date performance information available to the Tournament Committee.

Team pairing, field of play, game times shall be decided by random draw within each playing division with possible adjustments only to secure equity and team/coach time conflicts known in advance. The Committee reserves the right to make any schedule changes it deems appropriate for the proper administration of the tournament and the safety of the players, coaches, and spectators.

Each team will play a minimum of THREE GAMES (weather permitting) in the Preliminary Rounds. The schedule will provide for no more than two games per day in this round. The Championship Round will be for Age Groups U9 & above and will consist of a single elimination, championship game. The U8 Age Group will play a Festival Format, a format with no progression or championship game. USSF registered referees will officiate all games and will be assigned by a certified Tournament Assignor in accordance with FYSA and FSR assignment procedures.

4. Pre-Tournament Procedure: Each team coach or manager must present his/her team’s official National Organization roster(i.e. FYSA official Roster, U.S. Club official Roster), player and coaches passes, Guest Player forms, and medical releases for validation at the pre-tournament Team Check-in. Team manager or coach’s attendance at the Team Check-in Meeting is mandatory.

5. Pre-Game Procedure: The Field Marshal and/or Referee will conduct a pre-game check-in as follows:

  1. Verify the identity of each player with each player pass, and confirm that all players present are listed on the roster. During the game, the Field Marshal will hold all passes.
  2. Players’ uniforms and equipment will be checked and color conflicts resolved. Each team is expected to have two sets of jerseys. In case of color conflicts, the home team (listed first on the schedule) will change jerseys.

A player may be challenged by an opposing coach/manager only at the pre-game check-in. Challenged players will be noted by the Referee on the game report but will be allowed to play in the game as long as they hold a valid, verified player pass and are listed on the validated roster. A challenged player does not automatically constitute a game protest but may serve as the basis for protest, should one be submitted.

No player will be allowed to participate without a valid, verified player pass (with picture and all required signatures), or without required equipment.

A player who arrives after the pre-game procedure can become eligible to enter the game by showing his pass to the opposing manager/coach who may challenge him/her at this time and any referee or assistant referee who will check his/her equipment.

Each manager/coach must have a valid pass. If a team’s coach/manager is ejected and there is no additional coach or manager with a valid pass to continue, the game will be stopped by the referee and will be declared a forfeit. In no case will a team be allowed to participate without a properly registered coach or manager.

6. Laws of the Game: All games will be played in accordance with the FIFA “Laws of the Game” except as modified below:

a. LAW I – The Field of Play: The field of play shall be reduced for U8 through U10 games as follows: Field (yards): 35 x 45 and 40 x 60; Goals (feet): 6 x 18; Markings: 2/3 standard width. The field of play shall be reduced for U11 and U12 games as follows: Field (yards): 55 x 70; Goals (feet): 7 x 21; Markings: 2/3 standard width. All other games will be played on regulation fields.

b. LAW II – The Ball. The size of ball will be as follows:













c. LAW III – Number of Players: U8 teams will play four (4) players on the field per side with No Goalkeepers. U9 through U10 teams will play six (6) players on the field per side. U11 & U12 teams will play eight (8) players on the field per side. All other age groups will play 11 players on the field per side. Substitutions shall be unlimited except as indicated below. A substitute must be at the point where the halfway line intercepts the touchline between the two (2) technical areas before the stoppage of play and can enter the field only after receiving permission from the referee or assistant referee at the following times:

  1. Prior to his/her own team’s throw-in.
  2. Prior to a goal kick by either team.
  3. After a goal by either team.
  4. At the beginning of the second half or overtime periods, where applicable.
  5. At the referee’s discretion in the event of injury (both teams).

d. LAW IV – Player’s Equipment: Players equipment shall meet these requirements regardless of the rules of their home state or national association:

  1. All players must wear protective shin guards (worn beneath their game socks) at all times during the game.
  2. Teams will wear uniforms of matching color and design with easily distinguishable number on the back. Goalkeeper(s) jersey(s) must be distinguishably different than his/her or opposing team’s field jerseys. Teams should bring two jerseys to every game. In the event of a color conflict, the designated home team (listed first on the schedule) will change jerseys.
  3. Jewelry and Metal hair clips are prohibited.
  4. Players wearing orthopedic casts of any kind shall not be allowed to play in any game. However, soft braces can be worn with written approval from a doctor, and judgment as to safety is at the discretion of the referee. FYSA rules will override all other regulations except that of the referee who at his/her discretion can refuse to allow that player to play. A player may be removed from a game if at any time a referee determines that he/she is using or is attempting to use the brace to injure another player.

e. LAW V – Referees: Following each match, a referee will complete and submit a USSF Game Report, supplied by the Tournament, including the game score, cautions and ejections issued, and any unusual occurrences. Coaches or managers may register a complaint in writing only if it involves misapplication of the Laws of the Game. This written complaint must be received by the Tournament Committee within 30 minutes after the conclusion of the match in question. There will be no extension of this deadline. No complaints will be entertained, in writing or otherwise, addressing opinion or judgment of the referee.

f. LAW VI – Assistant Referees: Two assistant referees will be used for each game. In the event one or both of the assigned assistant referees fail to appear, the referee Assignor must find suitable assistant referees. The game will be played as scheduled and will be official.

g. LAW VII – Duration of Game: Regulation Time for U8 games will be two periods of 20 minutes each (40 minutes total); U9 & U10 games will be two periods of 25 minutes each (50 minutes total); U11 & U12 games will be two periods of 30 minutes each (total of 60 minutes); U13 and U14, two periods of 30min (Championship Match 35min); U15 –U19 two periods of 35 min (Championship Match 40min). Half time will be 10 minutes long, discretion to shorten lies with the referees. The referee will blow the whistle at 8 minutes to signal the teams to move on to the field. The referee will give a verbal one minute warning at 9 minutes. The referee will start the clock for the second half after ten minutes, even if the teams are not ready play. During Preliminary Rounds for Age Groups U9 & above, no time will be added for injury or weather. The game is considered final after the end of the 1st half if the 2nd half is delayed or canceled due to weather or any other reason determined by the referee or tournament officials. Ties will stand at the end of regulation play of all Preliminary Round games, no OT. For Semi-Finals and Championship Round games, the winner will be will be determined by 2 five minute overtime halves, followed by penalty kicks, if necessary. There are No Semi-finals or Championships in the Festival Format for the U8 Age Group, however.

h. LAW VIII – PUNTING:  FOR U8 through U10 AGE DIVISIONS Goalkeeper punts are not allowed to cross the mid field line without first contacting the defensive half of the kicking team first. The offended team shall be awarded an indirect kick from the midfield line.

7. Control of Sideline Conduct: Players, substitutes, coaches, managers, and team supporters are expected to conduct themselves within the letter and spirit of FIFA’s fair play and sportsmanlike conduct. The Tournament Committee has the final authority and responsibility to remove any person(s) from the tournament premises for any conduct deemed by the Committee to be unsporting and initiate disciplinary action by other authorities.

In addition to this general conduct overview, these specific rules will apply to this tournament:

  1. One side of the field will be designated for the sole use of the players, coaches, managers, and equipment of both teams. Each team will choose a bench on one side of the halfway line. While the game is in progress, all substitute players of a team must be seated on their bench and the movement of coaches and/or managers is restricted according to the Laws of the Game.
  2. Tactical instructions are permitted as per the Laws of the Game. Referees’ decisions in an ejection will be enforced with the ejected person being removed from the field. Ejected players must be removed to the check in tent and remain there till the conclusion of the match. The ejected player must remain at the check in tent till such time as they can be released into the care of an adult responsible for their care. Ejected Team staff must leave the park facilities and can NOT have any communication directly, through phone or text with any further teams under their care during any further matches while the ejection and/ or suspension is in effect during this tournament.
  3. Absolutely no coaching by anyone is allowed from the opposite side of the field or behind either goal line.
  4. Spectators and fans are to remain behind the restraining line or within three (3) feet of the touch line, on the opposite sideline. Under no circumstances is anyone to enter the field of play during a game without referee permission.
  5. Coaches and managers are responsible for the behavior of their parents and fans. The referee, at his sole discretion, has the authority to terminate any match for cause.

8. Post Game Procedure:

  1. Both teams line up and congratulate each other for a game well played.
  2. The referee will inform both teams of the official final score.
  3. The referee will report the score to the Field Marshal and complete the Official Game Report. The Tournament Team Packets and completed Game Report will be returned to Tournament Central at the conclusion of each game.
  4. Each team is responsible for the removal of all trash from their bench area.
  5. In the event of ejection(s), the pass(es) will be attached to the game report. The referee will complete the Game Report as soon as he finishes his current officiating tour and submit it to Tournament Central. Ejections will be forward to the Discipline Committee for immediate review and resolution.

9. 502- FYSA Discipline Rule: The Discipline Committee will consist of three members and will review and rule on all written complaints and Game Reports of unacceptable conduct by players, coaches, managers, officials, spectators, etc. The findings of the Discipline Committee are final. The following standards will be applicable:

  1. A player, coach or manager ejected or sent off the field will be suspended at least one game.
  2. Depending upon the severity of the violation or unacceptable conduct, the Committee may rule suspension for the remainder of the tournament and recommend further disciplinary action by the appropriate governing state or national association.
  3. Violation of local, county, state, and/or federal laws could result in legal prosecution.

10. Tournament Rules – Behavior: These rules are designed to maintain appropriate control of the tournament’s activities for the enjoyment and safety of all involved:

  1. Cautions (yellow cards) and ejections (red cards) will be enforced in accordance with FYSA rules and guidelines.
  2. The issuance of all cards and any conduct requiring subsequent reporting (i.e. gross misconduct of a team, its players, coaches, managers, and/or supporters) will be recorded and provided to FYSA within 72 hours of tournament completion.

11. Seeding Round I Game Points: For Seeding Round I, teams in each Age Division U9 and above will be assigned to a group of either three to eight teams. Each team will play either solely within its group or play crossover games with another group in the same age division. Teams will accumulate points in Round I based on the following:

  • 3 points for a win
  • 1 points for a tie
  • 0 points for a loss

For placement purposes, ties in point total will be broken as follows:


Head-to-head results where applicable;


Total goal differential


Total goals scored


Total goals allowed


Total shut-outs


Penalty Kicks


Where there are more than two teams involved, elimination will continue in the above priority to final resolution. The Tournament Committee will rule on disputes. The Age Division U8 Festival Format will not record any results nor create any standings and/or table.

12. Determination of Championship Round Team Placement: For Age Divisions U9 and above, Team placement will be based solely upon Preliminary Round performance and ranking including the use of the point system and tie-breaking system if necessary. The format for team placement for this round will be based on the number of teams in the age division (see game schedule section, item #3), some examples are below:

4-6 Teams – after Round 1
Two Teams with the most points play for championship.

8 Teams – after Round 1 (two brackets)
Winner of each division will play for championship.

Division winner will be determined by adding points for games played within the division; cross over game points will be counted for determining division winner

13. Determination of Age Division Champions:  For Age Divisions U9 and above, Each Championship Game will result in a winner either at the conclusion of regulation play, 2 five minute overtime halves, or by penalty kicks if the game is tied at the end of regulation play. U9 & U10 do not have Overtime. The single elimination format provides for only the winning teams of each game declared the champion.

14. Forfeits and Delay of Start: A team shall be allowed a 15-minute grace period from the scheduled kick off time before the referee calls the game. A forfeit is constituted if a team fields less than 7 players for age groups U13-U18, 5 for U11-U12, 4 for U9-U10, and 3 for U8. In such instances, the Committee will award a 3:0 forfeit to the team on the field.

15. Protests: The tournament Committee shall have a Protest Committee of no less than 3 members that will review and rule on all protests. No persons who would benefit by any decisions of the Protest Committee shall have any vote with reference to the protest. For a protest to be considered, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. No protest of referee judgment, discretionary calls or game performance will be accepted;
  2. Verbal notification of intention to protest must be given to the Tournament Director immediately after the game;
  3. Protest must be in writing by the manager/coach and be delivered to the Tournament Director no later than 30 minutes following completion of the game or incident, and must be accompanied by a non-refundable cash fee of $50.00;
  4. The Protest Committee will review and rule on the protest and render a final decision no later than the beginning of the next scheduled game for teams involved in the protest;
  5. The decision of the Protest Committee shall be final.

16. External Conditions, Weather, Lightning, Etc.: In the event unusual conditions necessitate rescheduling, curtailing, or canceling games, the Tournament Committee has the absolute authority to make changes to best serve the interests of the tournament as a whole keeping in mind the need to identify winners by a certain period of time. The referee has the sole authority on suspension or termination of any match as a result of adverse weather.

17. Award Ceremonies: Following the completion of the Finals of each Age Division Championship, the two finalists are to present themselves to the awards area to receive individual and team awards. The U8 Age Division teams playing in the Festival Format may receive participation medals.

18. General: The Tournament Committee and/or the Palm Beach Soccer Academy will not be responsible for any expense incurred by any team due to the cancellation in whole or in part of this tournament. The Committee and/or the PBSA’s interpretation of the forgoing rules and regulations shall be final. The Committee and the PBSA reserves the right to decide on all tournament matters and has the responsibility to uphold any previous suspensions imposed by the local state association or the USYSA.

19. Refund Policy:

A. Within five (5) days after notification that the team is not accepted by their application

B. Within five (5) days upon cancellation of the tournament

C. Within ten (10) days of withdrawal request of the application by a team prior to acceptance of that application by the tournament

Any team that will not be permitted to play in the contracted age group shall have the option to withdraw and receive a full refund of all entry fees. The tournament shall notify any participant not less than fifteen days prior to the beginning of the tournament if any age group advertised will not be offered.

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Click here for list of 8th Annual (2015) Palm Beach Cup Champions 

The 2015 tournament saw more than 180 teams participate from all over the country. It is our goal to continue to provide the best event possible for soccer enthusiasts. The Palm Beach Cup is not only defined by its ability to attract some of the top youth teams, players and coaches from around the county, but also by its impact on the local economy.

Gary A. Walker
Executive Tournament Director


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